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What to wear in the summer in the evening? Here is a mix of outfits and accessories

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The evening is one of the moments we love most of the summer, when we are cooler and we can show off a mix of outfits and accessories for our evening looks.

Not that there is a precise vademecum of what to wear in the evening, but if we think about it there are certainly outfits and accessories that we reserve exclusively for evening looks. In summer, then, there is the desire to focus on clothing that must be comfortable, fresh, but that does not put aside attention to fashion details and above all a glamorous allure. We have seen how dresses are certainly the most popular outfit, but what if we wanted to focus on something different? So here is a selection of garments and accessories to mix and reserve exclusively for our summer evening-proof looks!

Summer evening looks with top and long skirt

Long skirts in summer are a great alternative to trousers and shorts. Given that they are adorable to wear even during the day with a pair of sneakers, in the evening we combine them with a pair of shoes and a slightly more special top outfit. Sweaters and crop tops are welcome, but maybe look for something sophisticated, and why not even shiny.

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In fact, a light glitter or simply a lurex garment does not necessarily require a disco night, the important thing is that it is always something light. For shoes we have two options: if we want something that doesn’t make everything too glam but casual, better a pair of espadrilles or leather mules, if instead the occasion is a party or a chic aperitif, let’s dare with a pair of sandals jewel or a list model. Even medium heels will be fine.

Accessories for evening looks: large or sparkling bijoux, but without exceeding

In summer, we like time to shine even more, but this slogan must be married sparingly. With the possibility of wearing a less opaque look than in winter, the temptation is undoubtedly to wear many bijoux, mix bracelets and necklaces to create different combinations. And there is no doubt that jewels are a must have for summer accessories, if we think that we often find them combined and already available for purchase together with tops or t-shirts.

But be careful not to overdo it! Or rather, if you choose thin necklaces like those in rose gold, silver and gold, which are so trendy in this period, wearing three or four together will not be a problem, but if you choose large bijoux especially if particularly sparkling, focus only on those and consequently, yes to large bracelets but no to large earrings, which being close to the décolleté would create a guaranteed chandelier effect.

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