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What tools are needed for home exercises


With the will and with the right tools it is possible to train your body even at home, without necessarily having to go to a gym.

To train within the walls of your home you can also use makeshift tools, however, if you intend to exercise seriously and obtain appreciable results, it is advisable to buy certain tools . Regardless of the exercises to be performed , the dumbbells are literally fundamental. In fact, with these it is possible to train more parts of the body without having to buy other tools (perhaps even more cumbersome).

Non-slip mat

If you plan to train at home, you cannot miss a non-slip mat. These in fact allow you to train in complete safety and avoid unwanted movements during the exercises. They can also be used to do a bit of everything such as yoga, meditation, weight training, etc.


Pull-up bar

Another very useful tool for physical activity is certainly the pull-up bar. In fact, this exercise allows you to train many muscles of the body and does not take up space. It is generally possible to install it in the door arch and after carrying out the exercise, it can be removed. However, it is advisable to fix it permanently to a wall to prevent it from detaching during pull-ups.


Obviously, weights cannot be missing, in fact they represent a necessary tool to be able to strengthen the arms, chest, shoulders, and much more. If you do not have the opportunity to buy an entire kit, certainly very bulky, you can buy adjustable gym dumbbells in order to change the weight using the special cast iron discs.

Bench for training

The bench is definitely the tool that allows you to do more exercises at home. If you are not an expert, you can see on the web all the exercises that can be performed with the bench, both free body and through the use of other tools such as weights, elastic bands, etc.

Elastic bands

Those who do not have a lot of space in the house can buy a complete set of elastic bands . It may seem strange but this apparently simple tool allows you to perform a variety of exercises and train at your best. Generally the kits are composed of several bands, each of which has a different traction force . Depending on the exercise, it is therefore possible to use a certain band to do it in the best possible way.

Cuffs and anklets

Both are tools that allow you to perform many exercises in the best possible way. They are generally used when going for a run to weight down the limbs, however they can also be used if you plan to train at home. For the first use, a weight not excessive such as 0.5 kg each is recommended, it seems little but it is not. Their use is recommended to carry out free body training such as abdominals, push-ups, resistance circuits, etc.

Exercise bike

The exercise bike is certainly the most used tool, this in fact allows you to enhance cardiac resistance and lose weight directly at home. The latest models are also particularly compact and not bulky, this means that they can also be used by those who have little space available.

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