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Wheat: why it forms and how to fix it


The wheal is an allergic type manifestation typical of urticaria. Find out how it comes, what it depends on and what the remedies are.

The wheal is an allergic manifestation that can occur for various reasons and which in most cases turns out to be one of the primary symptoms of allergic urticaria. Let’s find out what are the main causes, how it occurs and what needs to be done to act as correctly as possible in order to alleviate the symptoms .

What are wheals: everything that is important to know

A skin wheal is a usually transient bump that occurs on the skin and is associated in most cases with erythema or urticaria .


Red in color, it tends to fade within 24 hours and has the particularity of itching a lot. For this reason it is often called an “itchy wheal”. It generally occurs after mosquito bites or allergic reactions such as nickel allergy, other insect bites or food allergies.

When it occurs, therefore, unless you fully know the cause being used to the appearance, it is always good to contact your doctor to understand what it depends on.

Wheal: the most useful remedies to remedy and relieve pain

When it comes to allergic wheal, the first thing you should do is prevent it from occurring. This means avoiding contact with allergic substances or with anything that can cause their appearance. If this is not possible because you are already in the heart of the problem, it may be useful to use ice in order to cool the affected area. In this way, in fact, it should soothe the itching and burning sensation.

For the wheals on the skin there are different ointments that can be applied on the part. Going natural, it is possible to use aloe vera, able to de-inflammation the skin and soothe the annoying symptoms. Finally, knowing the causes that generate wheals (especially if allergic) can be very useful to help put into practice solutions studied ad hoc with the treating doctor and related to the personal problem. Getting to know each other well, therefore, from this point of view is always very useful.

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