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Wheezing: what it is and what to do when it arises


Wheezing is the phase in which a sound very similar to a whistling is produced during breathing. Let’s find out why it occurs and how to behave.

Suffering from wheezing means having a whistling breath often. It is an annoying problem that can have various causes that are usually related to problems affecting the bronchi . Wheezing and coughing are in fact two problems that, especially if associated, should be investigated more thoroughly in order to grasp the cause and find the right solution with the help of your doctor.

Cough with whistling in adults: the most common causes

When you are faced with coughing with whistling or wheezing with whistling you are faced with respiratory wheezing that can have very different causes.


The most common are usually:

– The smoke
– Taking medications
– Respiratory allergies
– Asthma
– Some physiological problems

They are also associated with some pathologies such as heart failure , cystic fibrosis, gastroesophageal reflux , pulmonary embolism, botulism, bronchospasm, emphysema, viral infections, bronchitis, etc …

In the presence of whistles during breathing it is therefore very important to contact your doctor in order to understand the actual origin of the disorder and understand how to move to treat the causes and quickly find relief.

How to remedy wheezing

In general, to alleviate the symptoms it may be necessary to stay in a humid and warm environment . However, it is a way to find momentary relief and not a real cure. That said, in the event of a major attack, going to the bathroom and turning on the water in the shower or tub can help you feel better momentarily and avoid getting worse.

To solve the wheezing problem in most cases it is necessary to intervene with a drug therapy that will be carefully chosen by the doctor based on the symptoms and tests performed.

In case of aggravated symptoms and lack of clarity it is important not to underestimate the problem and seek immediate help. In some cases, it could be serious problems such as a sudden allergy.

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