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When fashion is good for the planet: ecological water bottles, why choose them

ecological water bottles

“Draghi knows what we are saying, but now it must be done” Martina Comparelli , the spokesperson for Fridays For Future Italy, comments on the meeting that took place on 30 September 2021 in Milan between the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi , and some activists for the climate, including Greta Thunberg .

Surely, when Pietro Guglielminetti when in 1851 he conceived the first water bottle for soldiers who went to war, he would never have imagined that this could become one of the key symbols of the fight against climate change.

We all have well imprinted in our memory the red bottle of Greta with which a “fashion”, let’s call it that, which in addition to having become an inevitable element in corporate marketing strategies is also good for the environment.

Since July of this year, a drastic position has finally been taken towards plastic, a non-biodegradable material that favors a “disposable” attitude. In this context, aluminum or steel bottles are a valid ally both for the environment and for our health because they help us to remind us to drink more water, contributing to the daily hydration of each of us.

ecological water bottles

Ecological water bottles: which model to choose

Thanks to this period of extreme sensitivity to green and sustainable issues, we are literally immersed in personalized bottles: we find them in supermarkets, gift shops, clothing stores, etc. in short, they are everywhere. The bottle is a very useful promotional item both for companies that have the opportunity to sponsor their business by providing a useful product, and for those to whom it is given. We all now have at least one: sports bottles, in steel or aluminum and thermos that help keep our drinks warm or cold.

There are many models including the bottle that keeps track of the water we drink during a day.

A valid ally for our health, ecological water bottles can be a small step that we can all take, for a life with a low environmental impact while respecting our planet!

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