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When you don’t know what to cook, make pasta and zucchini with the Thermomix

Thermomix pasta and zucchini

Creamy, with very few ingredients and really delicious, pasta and zucchini with the Thermomix is ​​a recipe to be saved!

What are the requirements of a recipe to be considered a real parachute? Without a doubt it must be simple to prepare, then it must contain a few ingredients that we usually already have at home and finally it must be delicious. Well, let’s say that pasta and zucchini with the Thermomix has all these and many others.

Like all recipes with the Thermomix, even the pasta with zucchini must be cooked directly inside the jug , without dirtying anything more. Many think that pasta cooked in the Thermomix tends to break but there is a trick for this too: in addition to following our instructions, buy quality pasta that keeps cooking well. Conversely, the blades could break it, while turning the other way around. That said, plug in and get ready to cook pasta with zucchini sauce with the Thermomix!

Thermomix pasta and zucchini
Thermomix pasta and zucchini

How to prepare pasta and zucchini with the Thermomix

  1. Start preparing the pasta with the zucchini by putting the oil and the shallot in the jug: 5 sec. speed 7.
  2. Then brown for 3 min. 100 ° C speed 1 .
  3. In the meantime, wash the courgettes , remove the ends and cut them lengthwise into quarters first and then into chunks.
  4. Add them in the jug and cook for 5 min. 100 ° C speed 1.
  5. Add 600 g of water , a teaspoon of coarse salt and bring it to a boil for 6 min. 100 ° C speed 1.
  6. Drop the pasta and cook for the time indicated on the package at 100 ° C Anti-clockwise Vel. Soft.
  7. When there is about a minute, add the grated Parmesan cheese and mint leaves from the cap without stopping the Thermomix.
  8. As soon as it is ready, distribute the pasta on the plates, completing as desired with a sprinkling of black pepper.

Have you seen how easy it is to prepare pasta with zucchini with the Thermomix? If you add to this that it is a vegetarian recipe, you have played bingo. For the sweet tooth, however, there is also an even richer and creamier variant: zucchini and Philadelphia pasta .


Pasta with zucchini sauce can be kept in the refrigerator in an airtight container for up to 3 days. You can consume it after heating it in a pan or in the microwave.

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