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Which vegetables to eat in July? How to stay healthy naturally

July vegetables

In July, in addition to the great variety of fruit, we can find many types of vegetables that are fundamental for our body.

The summer period puts a strain on our body , which is why it is important to defend ourselves by taking advantage of the July vegetables. In general, in fact, consuming seasonal products is one of the best ways to deal with certain times of the year and preserve our health. So let’s find out what are the benefits offered by the vegetables of July.

July vegetables: green beans

Green beans are one of the classic vegetables of the month of July or summer and are part of the legume family. This product is a valuable source of vitamins and minerals , essential in the summer months. They mainly contain large quantities of vitamin A, C and potassium, iron and phosphorus.

Vacuum cooking
Vacuum cooking

Among the other properties of green beans we can certainly remember the antioxidant and useful function against free radicals , without considering that they protect eyesight and skin from aging.

Green beans also have a high satiating power and are very easy to digest since they do not contain acids. For this reason they are recommended for those suffering from gastritis and, thanks to the high quantities of folic acid, they are particularly suitable for pregnant women .

In addition, green beans are among the most suitable July vegetables because they are beneficial for connective tissue, bones, heart , circulation and valuable allies for fighting inflammation.

Cucumbers: in summer it is ideal

In the great variety of vegetables of the month of July, cucumbers and peppers certainly cannot be missing, united by their ability to replenish water .

Cucumber, which we have come to know well by now, is known for its refreshing, purifying, anticatarrhal and emollient qualities. Composed of 95% water, it has a very low energy intake, which makes it excellent for purifying the body.

It also contains iron, calcium, iodine, pro-vitamin A and many B vitamins, which facilitate the functioning of the intestine.

July and peppers: a perfect match

Another must of the July vegetables is certainly the pepper, yellow, green or red is a symbol of summer and heat.

Typical of the summer, it is now available almost all year round and also exported to Asia. Among the benefits of peppers we find the ability to replenish water and elements such as phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, iron and calcium.

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This food contains large quantities of Vitamin C, usually present in citrus fruits, which makes it useful for increasing resistance to infections. Among other vitamins we can find the elements of group B, and vitamins E, J and K, as well as potassium, carotene and capsaicin .

The latter, present in higher quantities in chillies, gives the pepper antibacterial, antidiabetic, analgesic and anticancer properties. On some occasions it may happen that the pepper may be indigestible.

This may be due to the difficulty in digesting the cellulose peel or, due to modern nutrition, to an excessive intake of solanine .

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