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Whisking, the beauty technique you probably still don’t know about

Whisking technique

Here’s make up artists’ most loved beauty technique (and more): let’s discover Whisking and a few examples to follow together!

The coolest make up technique that exists is becoming more and more viral. It’s called Whisking and consists of mixing two products together to create new ones. More and more loved by make up artists, it has also recently become popular with beauty addicts who can’t help but try the latest fashion.

It’s an excellent way to create super personalized products, even if there are rules you have to respect when it comes to whisking, to avoid making errors. Let’s discover more!

Whisking technique
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Whisking: what is it and how to mix cosmetics

It’s a technique that requires some minimum knowledge. This is necessary, and we must obviously know the products and understand the type of cosmetic product we want to achieve.
So, the aim of Whisking is to create a unique product specifically aimed for a certain type of skin. It’s more and more frequently used by make up artists because you only need minimal experience.

To mix two products, then, we have to absolutely respect the following rules. We can only mix together products for one specific area; we can’t go over the top with the mix of products; we’re looking to mix two cosmetic products together at a maximum; and last but not least, we chose two products with different functions in order to have the most original effect.

Examples of whisking based on skin type

To really understand what we’re talking about, we have to start off with these examples. One of the most used is the wet look eyeshadow. We mix together eyeshadow powder with a transparent gloss, to simply and quickly create an incredible result!

Another example is whisking with cleansing milk and toner. It creates a super effective and fresh cleanser that allows you to avoid altering the pH of your skin! On the other hand, mixing an illuminating base with a foundation allows us to obtain first-rate makeup. Beyond lasting longer, the face will have a very natural effect.

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