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More and more women choose to accept their white hair and silvery shades, giving up the hair dye. So much so that they have launched a new trend!

In the age of gender equality activism and feminism, even hairstyles are following this trend. Many women have decided to give up hair dyes to cover their white hair to enhance their silvery shades. However, in doing so they have also launched a new trend.

Many people have already fallen in love with this look and have posted their selfie on Instagram, the new trend springboard. Women who find their first white hair have stopped dyeing their hair, while younger people began to imitate them by dyeing their hair in silver, gray and white. Here is everything you need to know about it.

White hair: women do not hide it anymore with hair dye

Many women have decided not to dye their hair anymore, choosing a natural look. They launched the new fashion and the hashtags #greyhairdontcare and #goinggrey. This new trend spaeaks about women who want to naturally grow old and accept themselves as they are.

Capelli bianchi
Photo source: https://www.instagram.com/rcweaving/?hl=it

Nowadays, more and more women have decided to give up cosmetic surgery, such as lifting, but also to give up artificial colors for their hair. All in favour of the natural course of time. There are many reasons: time, money, hair health, but also a female awareness.

The idea comes from the elegance of grizzled men: why can’t it be the same for women? That is why many women have started to show off their natural hair on social networks and in real life. Beauty tip: this new trend matches with long bob haircuts!

Photo source: https://www.instagram.com/rcweaving/?hl=it

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