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Find out who the beauty testimonials for 2019 are!

Find out who the beauty testimonials for 2019 are!

Who are the new beauty testimonials for 2019? From Naomi Campbell to Irina Shayk, here are the beauties for make-up and not only!

With the new year also come new beauty testimonials who represent make-up and well-being products. The beautiful Naomi Campbell debuts with Nars, while Irina Shayk will be the new ambassador of Marc Jacobs.

The new beauty testimonials are a lot. They are the most beautiful and famous models in the world, actors and actresses, but also the most followed influencers. Let’s find out together who are the new, famous beauty testimonials for 2019!

Beauty testimonial for 2019: the new beauty ambassadors!

Women won’t be the only testimonials for the most well-known cosmetics brands. In fact, Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively‘s husband, is the new ambassador of the Armani Code fragrance by Giorgio Armani. The stylist chose him and explained: “Ryan Reynolds is a recognised, successful male model. He embodies the idea of modern sensuality of the Armani Code man: charismatic, authentic, with a natural style and the right dose of irony“.

Find out who the beauty testimonials for 2019 are!

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Top model Kendall Jenner fights against acne since she was young. For this reason, she has often been criticized. However, the brand Proactiv chose her as its 2019 ambassador. This company deals with beauty products, in particular for skincare.

The super model Naomi Campbell at the age of 48 has become the face of the make-up product brand Nars. The world of cosmetics decided only recently to offer this role to black women.

Instead, Marc Jacobs Beauty chose Irina Shayk as its new ambassador. During the first photoshoots, she was wearing purple shaded make-up! Now, we just have to find out who the other brand ambassadors are!

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