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New researches reconsidered whole milk, which is healthier than the others. Let’s find out why and its benefits.

People think that after a certain age it is better not to drink whole milk anymore. It is too fat, it contains too many calories and it causes intolerances. However, experts recommend to drink a certain type of milk not according to your age, but according to your personal features. It seems like this healthy and nourishing drink is all the rage again!

Milk, a nourishing food

Researchers have always been studying milk, causing different opinions. Nowadays, supermarkets sell many different types of this food. Whole, fresh, raw, skimmed, with vitamin D, with calcium, without lactose and so on. It almost looks like there are too many choices, especially if you have doubts about it.

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Whole milk as a prevention tool

Cow’s milk, other than being common in most diets, is good for everyone. It contains vitamins and proteins and for this reason is better to drink the whole one, as the other lose these properties.

Last studies reconsidered whole milk. Experts stated that it improves our cardiovascular health and prevent osteoporosis. Two portions of this product a day give the right amount of vitamins A and D, proteins K1 and K2 and bifidobacteria, who activate the intestinal flora.

Other benefits of whole milk

– It lowers blood sugar levels.

– It reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes because it keep glycemia under control. Moreover, obesity is less common in people who drink whole milk than in people who drink it skimmed or semi-skimmed.

– This type of milk keeps hunger under control and improves lean muscle mass.

– It improves the immune system. Other than vitamins and proteins, whole milk alson contain whey proteins, which improve this system.

– It helps the intestine, hindering the growth of bacteria and parasites.

Whole milk: side effects

Everyone can drink this product, unless there are intolerances or other problems related to milk, such as heavy stomach or flatulence. In this cases, it is better to take other types, such as skimmed milk with vitamin D added.

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Whole milk is also recommended even if you are on a diet or you suffer from high cholesterol levels. In fact, this product contain a sort of diet cholesterol which has nothing to do with the one in the blood.

It seems whole milk becomes fundamental from the moment people turn 3, due to its high levels of proteins. Speaking about vegetal drinks, some experts do not think they can replace cow’s milk. They do not contain enough proteins and some of them have high sugar levels.

Fresh whole milk

The most important thing is that this product is healthy from its origin. In order to drink a good whole milk, you should know where it is from and what they feed the cow. We should choose it carefully, if we do not want to buy low quality industrial products.

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