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Why is make-up removal important? Here are the main reasons!

make-up removal

For all those who wonder why make-up removal is so important, here are the reasons why the most feared evening beauty routine is necessary for our skin.

Makeup is pleasant , it is a creative act and allows us to express how we feel on that day. It is not equally pleasant to dedicate ourselves, in the evening, to removing and cleansing our face from make-up residues. On the other hand, the reasons that explain why you need to remove make-up are all about the well-being of our skin . Let’s find out now with Dr. Belmontesi!

Because removing make-up in the evening is important

We all know the saying ” if you want to look beautiful, you have to suffer a little “, and this also applies to the dreaded tricks of the evening beauty routine . Whether it’s for laziness, for a short time, for forgetfulness … we know what happens when we go to sleep with make-up residues .

make-up removal
make-up removal

In the morning we will have a pillowcase and dirty sheets, but also panda eyes and more dry and stressed skin ! Why? The dermatologist Magda Belmontesi in her portal dedicated to the health of the epidermis Skin and Surroundings explains why. « Make-up remover products not only remove make-up, but also the dirt (residues of creams, smog, dust) that settles on the face during the day. Their use is essential in the evening ».

The benefits relate to several factors: preventing the formation of pimples and blackheads, keeping the skin radiant and enhancing the effectiveness of face treatments. Here then it is essential to remember to cleanse our face in the evening. Cleaning the epidermis will eliminate the deposits on the surface and, using the right natural products, will not damage the skin barrier!

How to remove make-up in a natural way

One of the methods for removing make-up in a perfect and natural way is to choose nickel-free and alcohol- free products. ” The current formulations are well tolerated because they are composed of vegetable and natural ingredients that do not irritate “, explains Dr. Belmontesi .

Among the recommended ingredients there is chamomile , perfect for autumn, and alpine herbs which “in addition to smoothing and purifying, also have an antibacterial action “. We also recommend the use of some excellent products such as Himalaya Herbals facial milk and Soothing Cornflower Micellar Water by Garnier Bio .

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