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Why is Valerian soothing? Let’s find out its effects and benefits


Say goodbye to tension, anxiety and abdominal pain thanks to the wonderful beneficial and relaxing effects of valerian.

When you hear about Valerian you can’t help but think of a calming remedy . Thanks to the presence of flavonoids it is in fact able to procure a long-lasting relaxing effect in a natural way. Very useful, for example to combat periods of anxiety, stress and tension.

Known by the scientific name of valeriana officinalis , this plant can be consumed in various formats . Many find the versions of valerian in drops or in capsules to be taken directly or diluted in water.

It is recommended to consume it for short periods constantly . Ask your doctor for advice before taking it and agree on the period of intake. The beneficial effects will certainly be comforting: you can defeat that annoying stomach ache you have been wearing for some time, or you can finally sleep soundly.

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Beneficial effects of valerian

Excellent for being able to sleep and defeat insomnia caused by too many thoughts, tension or work stress. This natural remedy will help you to relax your nerves and gradually provide you with a pleasant feeling of inner peace.

Try it also to appease him anxiety states that lead to tachycardia. In a few days you will find peace and serenity without having to resort to drugs.

Also excellent against abdominal pain and heartburn and intestinal . Thanks to the sedative and antispasmodic action it manages to give an immediate feeling of well-being.

How to take Valerian?

Prepare an infusion with 1 tablespoon of valerian root and about 250 ml of water. Pour the root into the boiling water and leave to infuse for about 10 minutes. Filter and drink when it has reached the desired temperature. The ideal is to drink it a few hours before bedtime .

If, on the other hand, you want a lightning remedy, you can buy the dry extract tablets or capsules. We recommend consuming 1 or 2 tablets a day. Regulate yourself with a dosage of maximum 550 mg per day .

Do not overdo it in consumption, because as natural as it is, valerian also has contraindications. Overdosing can cause liver and bowel overwork with intestinal ailments and heartburn .

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