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Why should you hang out outdoors in winter? The results are incredible!

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Is it advisable to hang out outdoors in winter? The result is softer and more fragrant fabrics, but beware of the cold – and bedbugs …

Hanging clothes outdoors even in winter is a good habit to always have fresh and fragrant laundry. Of course, being able to find sunny days is somewhat difficult, but not impossible. The greatest difficulty is represented by the low temperatures which require longer drying times . However, those who hang clothes outside even in winter cannot fail to notice the difference in the softness of the fabrics .

Let’s see, therefore, what are the pros and cons of hanging clothes outdoors outside even in winter.

3 advantages of hanging outdoors in winter

Laundry tongs
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– I. fabrics retain their softness as they dry slowly and without thermal heat . As a result it will be easier to iron . If, on the other hand, you place them next to or on top of a radiator, the fabrics stiffen and lose their softness and quality.

– If you hang out during the day you can take advantage of those few moments of sunlight to let the clothes dry naturally . In this way the fabrics, in addition to remaining softer, will also be more fragrant over time.

– Finally, they are reduced costs and reduces energy consumption by not using the dryer.

3 disadvantages of hanging outdoors in winter

– The first enemy of laundry in winter is the cold . If you leave delicate clothing in the shade or with temperatures below zero you risk ruining everything. Choose carefully the most suitable time of day.

Bedbugs are a real nightmare. Be very careful when removing the wardrobe because these stick to the fabrics and if you crush them give off a strong unpleasant and nauseating smell . You will therefore have to wash everything again. By adding a few drops of mint essential oil to the laundry you will be able to keep them away.

– The drying times are much longer. At home with the heat of the radiators or the stove, a few hours are enough. Putting the clothes in the open air in the cold will take two or three days .

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