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Using your friends’ make-up products is very dangerous for your health! Didn’t you know? Find out why…

Lending your make-up products to your friends may seem simple and normal, but it actually hides some problems. This cosmetics trade between friends can be for fun or for necessity, but in both cases it should be avoided. During a night out, a party or a dinner together, it can happen to lend lipstick, eye shadow and mascara, although it could cause problems. Let’s find out why!

Sharing your make-up products is dangerous!

The reasons why you should never share your beauty products are few but important: it could cause skin infections and blemishes. Let’s explain better…

Why you should never lend your make-up products to your friends
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Mascara. You should know that the mascara brush attracts numerous bacteria. Therefore, once shared with someone, bacteria tend to proliferate. Do not lend your mascara!

Lipstick. Perhaps one of the less shared beauty product among girls. However, it can happen in case of emergency or because you want to try your friend’s lipstick. You should know that these kind of products, wet and creamy, attracts even more bacteria which are transmitted orally.

Brushes and sponges. Products that come into contact with the skin should never be lent to a friend. Indeed, even if you are their only user, you should still often sterilize them to remove bacteria accumulated.

Eye shadows, foundation and creams. These products all require the use of fingers: do you know how many germs are there on fingers that are not your own? Avoid, therefore, to give this type of products to your friends unless the foundation is liquid, with a dispenser!

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/pennello-trucco-make-up-spazzola-1761648/

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