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Why you should use baking make-up (like Kim Kardashian)

Why you should use baking make-up (like Kim Kardashian)

Baking Make-Up is a very common technique, especially among stars: here what it is and how to do it!

After contouring, here comes Baking Make-Up: one of the most used techniques among the make-up artist of the stars. This technique protagonist is face powder, whichfix the make-up all over your face. It was created by Mario Dedivanovic, known and followed on Instagram, one of the most famous artists in the world and Kim Kardashian’s personal make-up artist. Let’s find out what this technique is exactly about and, above all, how to do it at home, in few easy steps!

What is the Baking Make-Up?

Baking Make-Up requires the use of base products for the face, such as primer, concealer and foundation. Once applied, these three products make your face evenly and perfect. Then, you must add a lot of face powder, as a final touch. This creates the “baking” effect, in order to set the make up and cover every flaw.

This is the general explanation to understand what this type of technique used by makeup artists all over the world is; now, let’s go into detail and find out how you can have it at home, without having to necessarily ask the expert!

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How to make the Baking Make-Up

We start from the assumption that this effect is designed for much more elaborate make-ups. Follow step-by-step this process: first, moisturize the area around your eyes with a specific product. It is highly not recommended to use face cream here.

Then, rub your face cream onto your face to create the make-up base and apply the foundation. Use a concealer that is at least 2 tones lighter than your skin tone: apply it on the face areas that require it. Apply a creamy highlighter on your cheekbones, around your eyes, on your nose and on your chin.

Now it comes the baking part: take a large amount of face powder with a wet sponge and put it on the areas you need to cover, such as on the dark circles under your eyes and on your nose, chin and cheekbones. Let it sit for at least 10 minutes, then remove the excess with a soft brush. Your make-up will last longer and your flaws will be completely hidden!

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