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Winter 2019: be stylish with the new animal print nail art!

Winter 2019: nail art is inspired by animal prints!

The winter 2019 nail trend is inspired by wild fashion: animal print nails are here!

There are great news in terms of nails and trends for the next winter 2019. A wild effect manicure will be fashionable, reminding to savannah and animal skins: it is animal print nail art!

The colors for nails this season, it will be strong and will have a great effect. The manicure will be neat, with new shapes and prints. Let’s find out together the best of what we are talking about!

Animal print nail art: the new trend for winter 2019!

The new winter fashion is alla about animal prints. What are they? Leopard, tiger, zebra inspired nails! Match this style with almond-shaped nails: avoid square or round shapes.

Nail polish colors will be very strong and with a great effect. Choose colors such as ocher and brown, combined with white and black, but also pink and fluorescent yellow. However, animal prints will be the protagonists. They are dedicated not only to animals from the savannah, so you can also find “dalmatian” effects, with black and white polka dots.

Nail art animalier
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The final effect is surprising and there are no limits. This is a new fashionable trend not only for nails, but also for clothing. Currently, animal prints are back even on coats, pants, shoes, and accessories.

The rule is the same: do not to overdo it, otherwise it is very easy to look cheap. This trend  is not for everyone to wear it. To stay stylish, it is important to use animal print sparingly.

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