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Winter in slippers and socks? Chiara Ferragni’s comfy luxury look hits the mark

Chiara Ferragni

The perfect casual winter look according to Chiara Ferragni is characterized by comfort and luxury.

Despite the looks worn in the summer that have divided even her most loyal followers, Chiara Ferragni does not seem to be willing to abandon one of her favorite shoes, or slippers , which for the influencer are always super comfortable and luxurious . So on an occasion to relax at the cinema with her Leone, she showed off a look that for the more daring can be a reason of inspiration, especially when the cold temperatures also make life as a fashion addicted difficult for us.

Chiara Ferragni: the leggings and slippers look is a basic outfit for winter, luxury of course

In front of those who would see such a simple look and above all with a homely charm, Chiara Ferragni with her refined choices instead demonstrates how it is possible to enhance a basic look and make it a streetwear even a little ’80s flavor : to a pair of leggings , luxury slippers and white terry socks paired with an oversized black leather jacket. Ferry shared her look in a post .

However, we must focus individually on the pieces chosen by the influencer, certainly casual but still luxury and carefully selected: the leggings in question are in fact signed Louis Vuitton , with the brand’s all over brand in plain sight, a brown model that already was been spotted on another occasion. Even the slippers, perfectly matched with the leggings, are signed LV, very comfortable, in leather, and with the logo always in plain sight, a trend that therefore officially returns to depopulate in this autumn / winter 2021.

Louis Vuitton leggings and slippers: how much does the comfy look of the Ferry cost

Christmas is approaching, in the air there is also a certain laziness and the desire to stay comfortable and relax: overall, the look proposed by Chiara Ferragni could be an idea to pin down, even in a version that is not as luxury as the one chosen. by the influencer, who in himself so basic wore a look that reaches two thousand euros without considering the leather jacket.

The Louis Vuitton leggings in fact have a cost of 1100 euros and are available right on the brand’s website : however, if they have conquered you and you are willing to ask or give you an important gift, you could always try to take a tour online in the second hand boutiques, such as influencers teach us. And always there, whether you decide to reserve them for a dinner at home or to go out, you could also find the Louis Vuitton Pool Pillow slippers, last season’s model and not available on the maison’s website. The price you could get away with is around 840 euros .

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