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Witch makeup: here’s how to do it quickly and easily

witch makeup

Witch makeup: let’s discover together two different and simple effects to make to look your best on Halloween night.

Halloween is getting closer and closer and witch makeup is certainly one of the most sought after ever. After all, it is a choice more than themed with the scariest night of the year and which at the same time can offer several options .
To get a good effect, the most important thing is undoubtedly the costume , essential to be credible and to enter the right mood at the same time. To it, however, it is important to also associate a suitable witch make-up that goes well with the wearer. Which is why, today we will see two different styles but both really simple to make.

Witch makeup for Halloween, simple but effective

A good witch make-up, especially if the intent is also to scare, can be done by paying particular attention to the eyes and lips.

witch makeup
witch makeup

Basically you can do your makeup as always as long as you are careful to use a dark eyeshadow and an eyeliner or a black pencil to outline the eyes. Once this is done, with a red pencil (or even better with a make-up gel of this color) you will trace the lines that descend from the eyes and which must be as similar as possible to drops of blood. This way the scary effect will be easy to achieve.

To complete it all, you can apply a dark red lipstick on the lips and draw lines of blush on the cheeks in order to give the idea of ​​a hollow face. The dress and any hat will complete the whole.

Halloween makeup as a charming witch

For those who prefer a more jaunty and witty look (also adaptable to the little ones), you can focus on a very simple witch make-up.

witch makeup
witch makeup

Once again the eyes will be the protagonists and will be surrounded with a black eyeline . Even better if by extending the line in order to make the gaze more magnetic. Some blush on the cheeks and a veil of lipstick and you will get the makeup. This will need to be complemented by a simple, black dress and a wide hat.
Wavy hair and broom will do the rest. All for a make-up achievable with the tricks you have at home and in no time.

For a good witch make-up, one of the most sought after among the Halloween tricks , the most important aspect is undoubtedly that of the eyes that must always be treated in every detail. It is well known, in fact, that witches have a magnetic charm that only a gaze studied ad hoc can give in a credible way.

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