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With such a name it is easy to guess the ingredients of risotto alla tsarina!

Risotto alla zarina

If you are looking for a perfect first course for special occasions, risotto alla zarina, prepared with salmon, cream and lumpfish roe, is the right recipe.

Risotto alla tsarina was first prepared to celebrate the visit to Italy of the Tsarina of Russia, Maria Alexandrovna. It contains all those ingredients that, in the collective imagination, represent Soviet cuisine: smoked salmon, cream, vodka and lumpfish roe . A recipe perhaps a bit stereotyped therefore, very popular in the 80s but it can be dusted off for some particular occasion.

For example, the czarina rice is perfect for the most special occasions , such as Christmas dinners, but also to satisfy the palates of the most demanding guests. Risotto alla zarina bianco is refined, tasty and well creamed . After all, it could not be otherwise with cream. Ready to discover all the steps to prepare it?

Risotto alla zarina
Risotto alla zarina

How to prepare the recipe for risotto alla zarina

  1. First, finely chop the shallot and brown it in a pan with the oil and a pinch of salt .
  2. Once tender and transparent, add the rice and toast it for a few minutes over a high flame.
  3. Deglaze with the vodka and when you no longer smell alcohol rising from the pan, cover flush with the boiling broth. In fact, for a perfectly cooked risotto it is very important that the broth is always added a little at a time, so as to cover it just a little, and that it is always hot so as not to block cooking.
  4. The risotto will be ready after about 16-18 minutes , depending on the variety of rice used.
  5. Add, off the heat, the salmon cut into strips, the cream and a teaspoon of lumpfish roe . Stir well and season with salt only at this moment: the salmon and eggs are in fact very savory.
  6. Serve immediately garnishing with more lumpfish roe .

The traditional recipe involves the use of caviar , widely used in Russia, but we can guarantee that our variant has nothing to envy. Furthermore, if you liked this recipe, you will surely appreciate our salmon risotto , simpler but still ideal for all occasions.


We will never tire of telling you that risotto should be eaten freshly made , creamy and on the wave and this is certainly no exception. If you have any leftovers, leave it in the fridge for a maximum of 1 day and heat it in a pan over low heat adding a little butter or milk to make it creamy again.

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