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With the scalp massage you can reduce stress and prevent hair loss

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Preventing hair loss and improving its growth is possible: try the scalp massage, just a few minutes a day.

Revitalize hair, improve circulation and fight stress : scalp massage can do all of this. With a few minutes of massage, repeated at least three times a week, you can get many benefits . Let’s find out what they are and how to perform this massage without anyone’s help.

Scalp massage, the benefits

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Despite its simplicity , this massage is able to offer significant benefits. In fact, the scalp massage, stimulating circulation in the area, if carried out constantly, makes the hair stronger and healthier .

The long-term results are a better hair regrowth phase, especially if oils, such as coconut, are used to perform the massage, which are allies of the hair and its regrowth. In addition, it helps prevent it from falling .

Other benefits include those against stress . In fact, like any self-respecting massage, it helps to relieve contractions . Less contractions correspond to greater relaxation: a simple massage in the upper part of the head can do wonders in terms of relaxation.

In case you have an irritated scalp , massage with products that are able to relieve the sensation of irritation. An excellent natural solution could be olive oil , which, in addition to fighting irritation, will nourish your skin.

When to do it and when not

Scalp massage has many beneficial effects but, if done at the wrong time, it could have negative repercussions on our hair. It is good to remember that, after washing the hair, the latter, being wet, are more fragile . Never perform a massage following a shower or after washing the affected area, unless you use anti-bald products.

Always massage with a dry head . Three times a week in five minute sessions for ideal results.

Scalp massage, how do you do it?

Performing this massage is easier than you might think. Just place the fingertips of both hands on the top of the skull. With your fingers, light pressure will be applied, moving them from the nape to the forehead and then again from the forehead to the nape. Perform circular movements .

Another movement that you can experience will be to put pressure on the sides of the head with the palms, moving the hands back and forth.

To ease the tension, massage the area behind the ears . Instead, it would be advisable to avoid massaging the temples , as they are rich in nerve endings.

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