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Winter sports cause over 30,000 accidents a year. Here are all the useful tips not to get hurt and how to get back in shape after the holidays!

Many of us love winter sports, for example skiing and snowboarding. However, it happens very often that people get hurt: there are about 30,000 cases a year.

The experts of the Italian Medical Center Lazzaro Spallanzani decided to give some advice to avoid accidents on the ski slopes. They also explained how to get back in shape after the holiday binges, without running any risks. Let’s find out together what the experts suggest.

Extreme winter sports and not only: how not to get hurt!

In winter, going skiing on the mountains is a classic. However, you can get hurt. In fact, in this period injuries increase.

Winter sports: the complete guide to avoid accidents!
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Davide Guasti explained: “The season of winter sports brings along more than 30,000 injuries, especially among those who didn’t train”. The expert also suggests that, before winter, you start to get ready for the sports you want to practise. In this way, when you will wear your skis, your muscles will be ready.

You need to perform three main activities: muscular strengthening, stretching and proprioceptive strengthening. All this strengthen your muscles and joints, stretches the muscles and ligaments, and finally makes the peripheral receptors of the positional sense work.

Not only slope workouts are dangerous. In fact, many people start to go running to get rid of the extra weight gained during the holidays without preparing beforehand. Experts suggest to workout at the gym before going outdoor to run. Moreover, it is better to wear appropriate clothing and comfortable shoes and to choose easy routes and short sessions.

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/freerider-lo-sci-sci-sport-alpino-498473/

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