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Women’s watches: what are the most sought-after categories of the moment

Women's wrist watch

The watch is much more than a timepiece: it is a real accessory that adorns the wrist and completes the look.

Women usually like to have more watches in the jewelry box to change according to style, occasion, events, season, clothing: ranging from elegant watches, to casual watches for every day, to watches colorful for the summer …

Even if, nowadays, the time can be comfortably looked at on the mobile phone screen, the watch still wears and makes you fall in love with it for its aesthetics, design, materials and finishes.

Let’s see, then, what are the categories of watches that women are looking for in particular.

Women's wrist watch
Women’s wrist watch

Gold and rose gold watches

They are luxury watches for the most important occasions, events, parties and ceremonies: beautiful and bright, in gold or adorned with precious stones.

Some watches are made of pure gold, precious and exclusive, while others, among the best sellers, are made of gold-colored stainless steel.

Still, really refined are the watches in rose gold, used alone or in addition to the traditional yellow gold.

Precious are the watches made of rose gold, pure yellow gold alloy, copper and silver, and among the most popular are watches made of rose gold colored stainless steel.

Bracelet watches

True adornment of the wrist, bracelet watches perform the function of keeping the time and, at the same time, embellish the look like a bracelet.

There is really a wide choice of watches of this type, with the most varied colors and straps, steel case and metal bracelet, increasingly feminine with shades of rose gold in addition to the traditional gold and silver shades.

The black steel watches are also original, a variant not very common until recently but perfect to match the most disparate looks.

Watches with marble and mother of pearl effect

A new trend that has taken hold more and more is that of marble-effect watches with timepieces that combine marble-effect dials with pastel blue and powder pink straps for a touch of femininity and beauty that does not go unnoticed.

Swarovski Watches

Of absolute charm are the watches embellished with Swarovski crystals, truly elegant and ideal for accompanying gala evenings, receptions, ceremonies and business meetings.

Swarovski watches combine, in most cases, rhinestones and metal.

Smart Watches

Sporty, connected, technological and feminine: Smart Watches are increasingly fashionable, high-tech watches that allow you to make phone calls, receive messages, monitor physical activity and reach fitness goals by controlling the essential parameters thanks to the many sensors.

The chronographs

Finally, timeless are the chronographs that reflect the feminine style with different approaches.

Most of this type of watches chosen by women are not “real chronographs” but reflect their style with the different displays on the dial.

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