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Working in an open space is good for your health and reduces stress!

Working in an open space is good for your health and reduces stress!

Working in an open space is good for your health, reduces the level of anxiety and stress, and promotes physical activity!

A recent study published on the Occupational and Environmental Medicine magazine has shown that working in an open space is good for your body and your mind. It promotes physical activity and, at the same time, reduces the level of stress and performance anxiety.

The study was conducted on 231 workers. They wore smart tracker on their wrists during office hours and also at night, for three days. Let’s see what the benefits for people working in open offices are!

Working in an open space has benefits on your physical and mental wellbeing!

Researchers found that company open spaces are more healthy than closed and individual offices. Moreover, people working in this kind of places move 32% more than people working in closed spaces.

Actually, a less rigid boundary environment allows to do move more. However, this has has benefits also on the levels of stress and anxiety. Those who work in these kind of environments and move more are calmer, even after the working hours.

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Esther Sternberg is the director of the Center for integrative medicine at the University of Arizona and a researcher of the study. She explained: “This research highlights how the design of the office, focused on the type of workstation, may be an important factor in the health promotion“.

The benefits and advantages working in open spaceas bring are not just physical, in fact, they also involve mental health. Those who work in these places have less anxiety problems, and collaboration is of great help. Another widespread innovation to ensure the well-being at work is bringing your pet at the office!

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