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Workout 12 3 30: how to practice it and what are the benefits

Tapis Roulant

Workout 12 3 30: let’s find out what it is, how it works and why it went viral.

Workout 12 3 30 is one of the hottest physical activities of the moment. It is in fact a particular training that is quite natural and that invites you to exercise more and more. Going viral on Tik tok, it is increasingly chosen by anyone with a treadmill and the right desire to train. Thanks to the 12 3 30 method, in fact, it is possible to reach physical shape simply by walking. What matters is doing it by following a few simple rules .

How does the workou out 12 3 30

More and more people now know what work out is 12 3 30. It is in fact a simple and intuitive workout that can also be done every day.

Tapis Roulant
Tapis Roulant

A treadmill is enough to perform the 12 3 30 workout. This will have to be set at a 12% incline and a speed of around 3mph. Once this is done, just start walking for 30 minutes. A simple and executable work out while listening to the radio or even watching your favorite TV series.

Thanks to the slope, in fact, the normal walking is encouraged which, as we now know, represents one of the most effective and complete workouts there is.

The results of the workout 12 3 30

Anyone who knows the creator Lauren Giraldo and workout 12 3 30 knows that the personal trainer has repeatedly explained how, by training 5 times a week for 30 minutes , she managed to lose several kilos in two years. Obviously she also combined a healthy and balanced diet that sport has made even more effective, allowing her to reach an optimal physical shape to get to feel in splendid shape.

Results that anyone can have by following the same rules and paying attention to their lifestyle. After all, it is well known that walking is good for both the body and the mind and these days being able to do it at home is certainly useful.

What matters is not to tire too much and always take into account the slope which, especially if you are not trained, could weigh on the joints. Many experts, in this regard, advise to proceed little by little and without haste in order to gradually accustom the body . Just like you do when you start walking or running.

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