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Writing is good: here is the remedy for the soul

To write

Writing is good for mental health and spiritual well-being. Anger, stress, disappointment, sadness … everything can be downloaded on a white sheet!

In the past it was very common to see girls or women with a small diary in the bag to open when necessary. Today the world has changed, everything is faster and stress is skyrocketing. As well as the time that escapes, our emotions and reflections also go into the background in the face of the amount of chores to do.

Well, there is nothing more wrong with our inner health. Taking a few minutes to write is good and serves to discharge the emotional charge accumulated during the day. Curious to know why?

Writing is good for the soul … but how is it possible?

Living means without a shadow of a doubt to experience a variety of emotions: beautiful, but also ugly. And it is the latter that weigh most on our soul , on our well-being mentally and spiritually. In fact, important research from the second half of the twentieth century confirmed the accumulation of a sort of emotional charge in each individual. These are negative events, suffering, loss of loved ones and so on that make themselves felt. They accumulate over the years causing a decrease in mental , spiritual but also physical well-being. Because you know, the mind dominates the body!

To write
To write

Here is one of the fastest and most practical remedies to vent emotions: writing. On paper or electronic device, such as computers and smartphones , it is the immediate solution to decrease the negative sensations accumulated. As you write, you feel lighter precisely because the simple gesture helps to remove turbulence from our interior. First you will feel a decrease of the same then, unexpectedly, their disappearance. Here you are free to smile and see the most positive aspects thanks to this form of art therapy!

So writing, especially if it is thrown, is a way to put order in our mind in chaos. One of the techniques to give shape to thoughts, to distance oneself from negative events that have occurred and to better face everyday life. In the increasingly chaotic world we live in, it is difficult to have moments of reflection and mutual listening even with the usual friend. But don’t worry! The classic “Dear Diary” will run to help our soul helping us to feel good and live with more serenity and lightness !

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