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Xanthan gum: a remedy for gluten intolerant and not only!

xanthan flour

As a thickener, stabilizer of various ingredients and edible for coeliacs, xanthan gum is the cream-colored powder with many culinary uses that is good for health.

Eating disorders, allergies or weight problems lead us to search for the most natural and least harmful foods . Xanthan gum, also called xanthan gum, is one of these and, for its digestive properties and abilities , it is also suitable for celiacs.

It comes in powder form as a beneficial substitute for thickeners, additives or stabilizers. Let’s find out what it is and all the uses in the kitchen!

Xanthan gum, what it is and how to use it

Xanthan, or xanthan gum, is a natural ingredient derived from fermentation in pure carbohydrate culture (glucose or sucrose). It looks like a kind of dusty flour , generally cream-colored, neutral and soluble in water (if present it is indicated on the label with the initials E415 ). Due to its soluble property, once immersed in water, it swells and thickens to form a gel with different culinary uses .

xanthan flour
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First of all , xanthan gum is used as a substitute for thickeners, food stabilizers or additives (dough for bread, pizza or various bakery products). It is very popular in preparations for products for celiacs thanks to its ability to keep the ingredients together making the flours more sticky. In addition, it is used in food supplements as meal replacements to increase its satiating power but also its consistency and palatability.

The product can be purchased in jars or bags both in pharmacies and in well-stocked supermarkets and in food stores for those who are gluten intolerant . It can also be found online and its price is around € 10-12 per about 500 grams of product. Not bad for indulging in the kitchen by being well, isn’t it?

Xanthan gum for cosmetics

Xanthan is also used a lot for the preparation of cosmetics such as creams or gels, hair or body products. It contributes to the well-being and nourishment of our skin, in particular for the elimination of marks around the eyes and deep dark circles!

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