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Xanthelasma: what it is, why it occurs and how to remedy it


Xanthelasma is an accumulation of fat that occurs on the eyes and, more precisely, on the eyelids. Let’s find out what are the causes and possible treatments.

Generally xanthelasma is considered to be a buildup of cholesterol and consists of a yellowish spot of varying size. It is a problem that almost always tends to arise after the age of 40 (but sometimes it also occurs in younger people) and on which there are still several doubts regarding the possible origins.
If until recently it was thought that it was due to too high cholesterol in the blood , recent studies have shown that this correspondence is not present in all cases and therefore it is not 100% reliable.

Xanthelasma: the main causes for which it occurs

Eyelid xanthelasmas can occur for various reasons or in association with some pathologies.


Among the most common are:

– The dysplidemia
– Hypothyroidism
Biliary cirriosis
– Pancreatitis
– Cirrhosis of the liver

When a xanthelasma appears on the eye it is therefore very important to contact your doctor immediately in order to understand its exact origins. Although the problem is purely aesthetic and does not cause damage to sight, it is in fact very important to exclude important diseases affecting the body.

How to get rid of xanthelasma

For xanthelasma, treatment can vary from case to case. Usually the doctor can prescribe vitamins A and D and some specific supplements such as dandelion (both dry and in pills) to check if in this way the problem tends to reduce.

Among the natural remedies there are instead the intake of raw garlic and massages based on castor oil to prevent swelling from increasing. When there are several xanthelasma, the treatment may instead consist of surgery . To date there are different types and they are all very valid. However, even after having removed them, it is not certain that they will not reappear. Also for this reason, understanding the causes that lead to their formation is particularly important in order to find the most suitable treatment and subsequently also a possible form of prevention.

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