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Xerostomia: what it is, why it comes and what are the remedies


Xerostomia is a disorder that occurs through a particular dryness of the oral cavity. Let’s find out the causes and what are the possible remedies.

For xerostomia we mean a particular dryness of the oral cavity with reduction of saliva which, in some cases, may be completely absent. It is, therefore, a condition that can cause some discomfort and that can give rise to various types of problems affecting the mouth which, in the absence of saliva, is found with an increase in the bacterial load .

Xerostomia: the most common causes and symptoms to recognize

Typically, xerotomia is caused by the use of certain drugs such as chemoretapics, Parkinson’s, or anticholinergics.


In some cases, antidepressants and anxiolytics can also lead to the onset of this disorder and, even if minimally, even tobacco can be among the causes. To this are added any radiation always of the chemotherapy type to the head or throat.

In order for it to be diagnosed, it is important to contact your doctor who, after a careful medical history, will be able to make the diagnosis. In rare cases, and in conjunction with other symptoms, the possibility of another condition called Sjogren’s syndrome may emerge. One more reason why in the presence of dry mouth and poor salivation it is always important to contact your doctor.

The most effective treatments for xerostomia: what they are and when to put them into practice

Generally, the doctor’s first choice when xerostomia is caused by drugs is to stop them or, if this is not possible, to replace them. To this you can add other drugs that help moisten the mouth and which will be associated with constant hydration of the oral cavity.

Obviously, oral hygiene must also be taken care of very thoroughly, in order to avoid the bacterial load that is established when saliva is lacking. In any case, before opting for any solution, it is always good to hear from your doctor and evaluate what to do even in conjunction with the treatments you are already following and any pathologies in progress.

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