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Yes, losing weight while sleeping is possible! Here’s how to lose weight overnight

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Even during sleep, our body continues to work, burning calories: here are some useful tips to lose weight while we sleep.

A good sleep is important for many reasons, first of all because it allows us to recover energy for a new busy day. It is during the night that our body regenerates itself, remaining active even though we are catapulted into the world of dreams. What if it were possible to exploit the activity of our body to burn some calories while sleeping ? In fact, all this is possible, just keep in mind a few little tricks.

How long do you need to sleep to lose weight?

Doctors have always recommended getting a good night’s sleep – neither too little nor too long – to stay in excellent health. The same advice is valid if you want to burn calories during the night: it is essential to sleep 7-8 hours a night , to allow the hormones that regulate the sense of hunger and that of satiety (ghrelin and leptin) to remain in perfect balance. .

How to calculate the calories burned while sleeping ? Of course, there is no single formula for each person. In addition to the duration of sleep, factors such as age (young people have a faster metabolism and therefore lose weight more easily) and sex (women consume fewer calories during sleep) have an impact. On average, however, around 50 calories per hour can be burned at night .

girl sleeping
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The 5 tips for losing weight while sleeping

What we have said so far is valid in general, but it is possible to follow some small tips to increase energy expenditure during sleep, and thus burn a few more calories. All this will not be enough to be able to say goodbye to a healthy diet and sporting activity , but it will help you reach your goal first and keep fit.

1. A light dinner

Very important is the last meal of the evening, which must be consumed at least 2/3 hours before bedtime , in order not to disturb sleep with digestion. Dinner should also be rather light, but rich in proteins and carbohydrates. The latter stimulate the activity of the thyroid, which is deeply involved in the regulation of metabolism .

2. The temperature of the bedroom

Is it true that sleeping in the cold makes you lose weight ? In fact, lowering the temperature in the room makes it easy to burn a few extra calories, because the body needs to produce more energy to warm itself. But be careful not to overdo it: it is enough to decrease the temperature by one degree to notice the difference.

3. The bedtime routine

Do not change the habits you have before going to bed too often: always go to bed at the same time, so as not to let your biological clock lose its way. In the evening, also, indulge in some relaxing activities, such as taking a hot bath or indulging in a herbal tea . Instead, banned stimulant drinks!

4. Turn off your mobile phone

At least an hour before going to bed, put away your cell phone and pc. The light emitted by electronic devices stimulates the brain and disturbs sleep, making it unsuccessful to try to lose calories during a night’s rest. It is a small sacrifice to make to achieve a good result.

5. Exercise

It may seem like a trivial advice, but practicing sports helps you lose weight even at night. It has in fact been shown that more calories are burned during sleep if the muscle mass is greater . In short, more muscle to lose weight at night!

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