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Yogurt diet: more deflated in a week

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The yogurt diet is perfect for those who want to deflate and lose weight in a few days by eating fresh and light.

Yogurt is a particularly welcome food because of its freshness and the possibility of consuming it at different stages of the day and in always different ways. The low calories and few fats it contains make the yogurt diet a particularly suitable choice for those who want to keep fit or those who need to lose weight.

In fact, a one-week diet based on this food is enough to obtain excellent results, discovering more deflated and healthier.
Thanks to the lactic ferments present and milk proteins, yogurt is in fact ideal for obtaining a brighter skin and for losing weight with taste and without suffering from hunger.

How the yogurt diet works

The yogurt diet lasts approximately one week and includes three main meals and two snacks.
In this way, the stimulus of hunger will not be felt, you will feel good all day and you will face the diet with more enthusiasm.
To work, however, there are some basic rules that must be respected and can be summarized as follows:


– Never skip meals
– Choose only low-fat yogurt with no added sugar
– Prefer yogurt rich in live lactic ferments
– Keep yourself hydrated
– Avoid alcohol and sugary drinks

The yogurt diet: the weekly menu

The Greek yogurt diet requires that each day begin with a glass of warm water with lemon juice to drink about 30 minutes before breakfast.

In the morning you can consume 150 grams of Greek yogurt without sugar to which add about 30 grams of whole wheat bran (preferably without sugar).
In the middle of the morning you can drink a glass of green tea without sugar and eat a handful of walnuts . For lunch you can choose between a green salad to accompany 30 grams of wholemeal bread and 50 grams of brown rice to which to add tuna or vegetables.

For the snack you can choose a seasonal fruit or a low-fat yogurt . And for dinner, you can eat a portion of meat or fish to be accompanied with boiled vegetables. Alternatively, you can stay light with a bowl of yogurt with fresh fruit.

This diet has several benefits in that in addition to good for the intestine, yogurt is good for the skin , so much so as to make it younger and more elastic. Furthermore, thanks to the benefits of live lactic ferments, they avoid unpleasant swellings.

Warning: to feel good and get results it is important to make sure you don’t have problems like lactose intolerance . Situation in which, of course, yogurt will be avoided.

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