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You still don’t know the cruschi peppers? Fortunately, there is the Dinner Club

Cruschi peppers

Cruschi peppers are a typical Lucanian recipe prepared from dried and fried Senise peppers.

We have to thank the cooking broadcasts if more and more people discover the existence of recipes and ingredients typical of our regions. Let’s take for example the cruschi peppers: typical of the Basilica, in particular of Lucania. In fact, it is here, in Senise , that the particular variety of pepper is grown which, once dried, makes it possible to obtain the crusco pepper, now also recognized as a Traditional Agri-food Product.

In fact, only this variety, with its thin skin and scarce pulp, lends itself well to drying. Necklaces are then formed with dried peppers whose conservation is really long. This explains the reason for their success: you must in fact think that around 1600, when history places them for the first time, there was not much available to store food for the winter. The drying technique , thanks to the hot, dry and sunny days, was by far the best. But what is the recipe for preparing cruschi peppers?

Cruschi peppers
Cruschi peppers

How cruschi peppers are prepared

  1. First, get the Senise peppers , the only ones that can be used for this recipe.
  2. Then wash them under running water and dry them.
  3. Start drying by placing the peppers on a white cloth, not in direct contact with the sun: you have to choose a warm, dry and bright place.
  4. After about a day, equip yourself with a needle and nylon thread and form necklaces of peppers of variable length (about 1.5-2 meters).
  5. Let it dry completely: it will take several days and it is difficult to determine how many as they vary according to weather conditions.
  6. Your dried peppers are ready but to get the cruschi peppers there is another step to perform.
  7. Heat some seed oil in a pan without making it smoke.
  8. Remove the stalks from the peppers and cut them into 3 pieces.
  9. Fry them for a few moments in oil, just long enough for them to swell (2-3 seconds).
  10. Drain them with a slotted spoon, pass them on absorbent paper and serve.

Your cruschi peppers are ready to be crunched or used in some typical recipe such as cod alla lucana .


Cruschi peppers can be kept in a paper bag or tin box , always placed in a dry place, for over 6 months.

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