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Your smartphone is a den of bacteria: find out how best to clean it


According to a study conducted by an American university, our cell phones are a den of bacteria. Find out how to best clean and disinfect your smartphone.

We always have them with us, we take them everywhere. Smartphones are undoubtedly a very useful tool, but its use also hides risks . In fact, according to a study conducted by some researchers from the University of Arizona, cell phones carry about ten times more bacteria than contained in a toilet . Precisely for this reason, especially during the flu season, it would be advisable to clean your smartphone frequently .

Clean your smartphone

As we said, cleaning your smartphone frequently is essential to combat the proliferation of bacteria and avoid the spread of diseases , such as the flu, which can be transmitted by contact.

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In order to be able to disinfect your mobile phone at best, you will need to obtain a microfibre cloth (being very delicate it will avoid damaging the screen), turn off the phone and disconnect it from any power source. Once these preliminary operations have been carried out, it will be possible to proceed with the actual cleaning.

Get a special screen cleaner , avoid other products as they can damage the device. Other valid alternatives could be using soap and water (provided it is well diluted) to moisten the cloth or use wet wipes .

Whether you decide to use a humidified cloth, or if you use wipes, take care to clean with repeated circular movements , without putting too much pressure on the screen as it could damage the liquid crystals.

In addition to the classic action of disinfecting, you can clean your smartphone by subjecting it to ultraviolet light . There are special tools on the market which, after less than ten minutes , give you back your phone almost totally free of bacteria.

Cleaning the smartphone: attention to detail

In these cases, even the smallest details can make a difference. It is very important to remember to also clean the case and the various cavities in the smartphone, such as the speakers or the headphone jack. To clean the latter, get some cottonfiocs or brushes with very soft bristles.

Also, remember to eliminate any trace of moisture before turning the smartphone back on or reconnecting it to the power supply. This precaution is necessary if you want to avoid causing damage to your device.

Finally, to avoid dirtying your smartphone again , it may be useful to use do-it-yourself disinfectants to disinfect your hands.

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