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Doctor Lemme and the success of his Food Philosophy

Alberico Lemme

Doctor Lemme, a well-known face on the Italian television scene in recent years, is the creator of the famous Diet Lemme.

A real Food Philosophy based on biochemical principles in complex but effective hormonal function, as illustrated by Alberico Lemme himself in an interview with the Gazzetta .

Doctor Lemme’s food plan is also known as the VIP diet since over the years it has been adopted by several well-known faces of art, TV and politics as well as helping more than 40,000 people to defeat overweight, obesity, diabetes, hypertension. , bulimia, anorexia, eating common foods. The Lemme Diet starts, in fact, from questioning the dogma of the diet by marking the paradigm shift: from calories to hormones, starting the Era in which food is used in a biochemical key in hormonal function.

Unlike many of his colleagues, Dr. Lemme has always explained that “Man is not a stove, he does not have a flame in his cells, he does not burn, but metabolizes!”. An innovative point of view regarding nutrition and which leads Dr. Lemme to found in 2000 his avant-garde school of thought “Food Philosophy” where the paradox governs the mechanism: “you have to eat to lose weight”.

Alberico Lemme
Alberico Lemme

Doctor Lemme: the dietician of the VIPs

Doctor Lemme has reached his maximum notoriety thanks to his numerous patients, including more than 1800 doctors and many VIPs, which is why he is known by many as the “dietician of VIPs”. Famous people from theater and opera, internationally renowned artists, great entrepreneurs and statesmen.

Over the years he has participated in numerous television programs including: Porta a Porta – Rai1 (since 2005), Live Life – Rai 1, Maurizio Costanzo Show – Rete 4, There is mail for you – Canale 5, Il Grande Fratello – Canale 5, Piazzapulita La7, Matrix Canale 5, Uno Mattina – Rai1, Fuori dal coro – Rete 4, Striscia la Notizia – Italia 1 and the salons of Barbara D’Urso, where she has always had the best of dieticians called to oppose him, disavowing them scientifically, but giving them the “meager” consolation of visibility.

Dr. Lemme is still a guest on various radio programs such as La Zanzara, hosted by Cruciani on Radio24, RTL and Radio Radiosa

The success of Doctor Lemme’s Food Philosophy

Dr. Lemme’s Food Philosophy is based on a serious and long research program, started in 2003, which places the health of his patients at the center, allowing to obtain results without making sacrifices or exorbitant expenses.

A careful and thorough study that allowed Dr. Lemme to develop hundreds of recipes, starting from the precious tradition of Italian cuisine.

The Factory of Wellbeing by Alberico Lemme

To meet all his cadets who do not have time to cook, but who, at the same time, want to respect the biophysiological rules with which mother nature governs us enclosed in food philosophy, in 2014 Dr. Lemme founded the Fabbrica del Benessere.

In the factory, located in Desio, various dishes are cooked every day, prepared respecting ancient traditions and above all without the addition of preservatives and additives that in the long run damage the health of consumers.

Dr. Lemme’s Wellness Factory presents itself as a solid ally for those who want to follow a balanced plan, providing them with innovative food solutions. All dishes, rigorously designed to balance taste and health, are frozen using the techniques of “cryogenic freezing” with nitrogen, with expensive and sophisticated machinery that allows temperatures and blast chilling times such as not to alter the nutritional and organoleptic properties (fragrance, consistency , color, smell, etc.) of the food. So that anyone can have a meal ready in no time.

First, second, bread, desserts: all the dishes created in Dr. Lemme’s Wellness Factory can be purchased on the proprietary RIVOLUZIONE DIMAGRANTE app, , upon registration.

Ristolemme, Doctor Lemme’s revolutionary restaurant

Il Ristolemme is the revolutionary restaurant conceived by Doctor Lemme, designed to provide lovers of health and good food with a unique space of its kind.

Il Ristolemme is guided by a new concept of catering that puts health first and that wants to re-educate the diner to the flavors of those who approach this new philosophy of eating according to which: “Eating at a restaurant is no longer the equivalent of damaging oneself arteries, liver and hips, but the exact opposite “.

As explained by Dr. Lemme himself, the Ristolemme is therefore “the only restaurant in the world where you eat to lose weight and more: you treat yourself with food. Where you love yourself “ .

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