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Recipes3 days ago

Scorzonera with parsley, the recipe for a side dish based on… roots!

The scorzonera with parsley surprises for its goodness, it is easy to clean and to prepare and can be used...

Recipes3 days ago

For a tasty fish second course, let’s prepare the stewed cod

Are you craving fish but have little time? Here is the quick and easy recipe for stewed cod in a...

Recipes3 days ago

Octopus and potato salad: a delicious appetizer

Octopus and potato salad is an appetizing dish, suitable for any occasion and prepared with simple but incredibly good ingredients....

Recipes3 days ago

Vegetable crumble recipe: how to prepare the crunchy side dish

Vegetable crumble: a delicious recipe for a different second course based on courgettes and cherry tomatoes. Here's how it's done!...

Health3 days ago

Genetic predisposition to Alzheimer’s: all about the ‘diagnosis’ that Chris Hemsworth received

What does the term genetic predisposition to Alzheimer's mean? It is about the possibility of developing the disease in the...

Recipes4 days ago

Have you ever tried baked sweet potatoes with rosemary? I am a delicacy!

A healthy, tasty and flavorful side dish, baked sweet potatoes with rosemary are also a nice idea for a lunch...

Food4 days ago

How many calories do walnuts have? Here is the answer

Walnuts are a food rich in beneficial properties, but how many calories do they really have? Let's find out. Those...

Recipes4 days ago

For Sunday lunch, here are the artichoke crêpes

Few flavors that go perfectly with each other: here are our artichoke crepes with smoked scamorza cheese. Artichoke crepes are...