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Budwig cream: what it is and how to prepare it

budwing cream

Budwig cream represents a healthy, nutritious and easy to prepare breakfast. Let’s find out what its ingredients are and why it is considered beneficial.

Lovers of breakfast and healthy living will surely know budwig cream.
It is a healthy breakfast conceived by Dr. Kousmine based on a recipe by the pharmacist Johanna Budwig.
A cream based on healthy foods and rich in nutrients such as to make the Budwig cream an original and very special recipe .

Budwig cream: how to prepare it correctly

Those who want to experiment with budwig cream for breakfast will be happy to know that making it isn’t as difficult as you think.

budwing cream
budwing cream

The ingredients that compose it are in fact quite simple to find and the same can be said of the times to make it which are all in all short.
For the budwig cream, the correct preparation consists in mixing together some ingredients which are:

– Three tablespoons of low-fat yogurt without sugar (alternatively you can use ricotta or tofu)
– A seasonal fruit
– A banana or a teaspoon of honey for natural sweetening
– A spoonful of whole grains of your choice between oats, barley or spelled to be ground on the spot
– A teaspoon of flax seeds
– Two teaspoons of oil seeds (pumpkin, almonds, sunflower, etc …)
– A quarter of a glass of lemon juice

To make it, you have to grind cereals and seeds together. The fruit is drenched in lemon juice . The other ingredients are also blended and combined in a bowl. At this point, breakfast is ready to be consumed.

Budwig cream: the most important benefits

This cream is rich and nutritious, therefore able to keep you satisfied all morning by offering the body foods that can support it even during working hours.
Between proteins, carbohydrates, good fats, vitamins, minerals and Omega 3 it represents a truly complete meal.

Digestible like few other foods, it is part of the Kousimine breakfast whose benefits are truly remarkable.
It is in fact a food method that allows you to detoxify and take care of yourself through particular attention to the health of the colon.
It is also important to know that as for the kousmine diet , it is not true that the budwig cream makes you fat, as long as it is obviously included in a healthy diet and free of foods considered harmful to the body.

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