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Copper in the blood: everything you need to know

copper blood test

The right amount of copper in the blood is very important for the well-being of the body. Let's find out how to check it and what to know about it.

When we talk about copper in the blood we mean the quantity of this metal that can be found through simple blood tests. This element is found in particular in bones, liver, brain, kidneys, heart and muscles. In a small part, however, it can also be found in blood and from its values ​​it is possible to understand if everything is okay or if there are deficiencies or high quantities of copper. Values ​​that if not in the norm can lead to problems both in the case of deficit and excess.

How to check for copper in the blood

As already mentioned, to check the copper values ​​in the blood it is possible to start with a normal sample . However, this is indicated by the doctor only when the symptoms suggest an actual involvement of copper in any health problems.

copper blood test
copper blood test

Copper is in fact essential for the correct functioning of the metabolism and for the construction of bones and connective tissues. Thus, if its deficit (low cupremia) can also lead to very serious diseases such as Menkes's, an excess (high cupremia) can still be dangerous.

Low copper in the blood causes problems with the arteries, the immune system, the heart and the nervous system. Conversely, an excess of copper can damage muscles and liver. In case of altered values, therefore, it is very important to notify the doctor in order to receive the correct therapy.

Where is copper found

Typically, from a dietary point of view, copper is found in offal and organs such as the liver and kidneys. Good sources of this element are oil seeds, dried fruit, whole grains, molluscs, legumes and wheat bran.

Obviously it is very rare to get an excess of copper through the power supply . When this happens, however, it is important to immediately eliminate the foods that contain more of it. These, on the other hand, are usually suggested in case of deciphering. And this although alone they are not able to increase its availability.

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