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Coxarthrosis: what it is, what are the symptoms and how to treat it

hip pain

Coxarthrosis is a chronic inflammatory disease affecting the hip joint. Let's find out more and understand how to recognize it.

When we talk about coxarthrosis we mean hip osteoarthritis due to wear of the articular cartilage.
The term arthritis in fact indicates an inflammation affecting the cartilage and which usually occurs due to the degeneration process that develops over time and leads to a thinning of the same. Other causes include trauma to the area, joint infections and congenital diseases affecting this area of ​​the body. Knowing the causes, of course, can help in both diagnosis and treatment.

Coxarthrosis: what it is and how it is treated

If we talk about coxarthrosis and what it is, we can say that it is an inflammatory disease that affects the area of ​​the hips and that comes from a series of causes that are often linked to each other.

hip pain
hip pain

In turn, it can be of a simple nature and therefore localized on one side only or on both hips. In this case we are talking about bilateral coxarthrosis and, as it is easy to guess, the problems it brings with it are of greater magnitude. It is also good to know that although rarely, coxarthrosis can occur without precise causes and when this occurs, it is called idiopathic coxarthrosis. This term, in fact, indicates the absence of recognizable causes.

In addition to the causes mentioned above, there are risk factors that can make the disease more fearful. Among these are a sedentary lifestyle , the presence of other forms of arthritis, diabetes and overweight. Taking care of these aspects certainly helps to decrease the chances of encountering this form of inflammation. As for treatments, these are usually conservative. In more serious cases, however, surgery may also be useful.

How to recognize coxarthrosis

As far as coxarthrosis and symptoms are concerned, these are mostly painful.
They present with severe pain in the hip that can affect the outside, the buttock area and sometimes even the upper thigh. In addition, there may also be a sense of joint stiffness and difficulty in moving .

If you are faced with these symptoms it is therefore very important to contact your doctor in order to make a check-up and all the necessary tests to understand the possible causes and eventually arrive at a diagnosis. According to the severity of the problem, coxarthrosis can be divided into stages ranging from the first to the third and which increase according to the extent of pain and the extent of the affected area.

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