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Dry eyes: causes, symptoms and possible remedies

dry eyes

Dry eyes are a problem that can be particularly annoying. Find out what it depends on, how to recognize it and what are the possible treatments.

When you have dry eyes it means that upstream there is a change in the tear film which, worsening or altering, leads to dry eyes. A particularly annoying phenomenon that has various causes that it is always good to ascertain in order to find the most suitable solution to heal.

Dry eyes: the most important causes

When you suffer from dry eyes the reasons can be different and range from a poor production of tears to their sudden evaporation which is almost always connected to a malfunction of the glands that imply the production of the lipid film of tears.

dry eyes
dry eyes

Among the other causes, which should never be underestimated, there are also the wrong or exaggerated use of contact lenses, systemic diseases, the arrival of menopause, hormonal imbalances in progress and the use of some drugs that have warnings. this symptomatology. In any case, when you are faced with a dehydrated eye, the advice is always to contact your doctor , in order to understand its origin and find the most suitable solution.

Dry eye: symptoms and possible solutions

To understand if the problem you are suffering from is dry eye, the symptoms are the first aspect to keep under control.

Among the many we remember:

– Impaired tearing
– Red eyes
Ocular burning
– Light annoyance
– Dry eyes
– Feeling of having something in the eye
– Difficulty opening your eyes upon waking
– Blurred vision

In the presence of these symptoms and after a careful examination which is usually associated with tears tests , the ophthalmologist will be able to make a diagnosis and proceed with the choice of the most suitable treatment for the case. Typically, eye drops are suggested to solve the problem that can keep the eyes well lubricated. To these you can add chamomile compresses, useful for decreasing ocular inflammation and to give some relief.

Obviously, in the presence of pathologies or the use of drugs capable of causing the dehydrated eye problem, the first thing to do will be to act on them in order to eliminate or reduce the problem as much as possible.

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