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Femoral, what are the best exercises to do in the gym or at home

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What are the best hamstring exercises? Let's see which ones you can perform in the gym and which ones are perfect for the home.

Very important for the stability of the body, the hamstrings should be trained daily. Whether you choose to dedicate yourself to a sport session in the gym or at home, it matters little, the important thing is to dedicate a few minutes a day to a little physical activity. Let's see which are the best exercises for hamstrings.

Femoral: the best exercises

The hamstrings are the muscles that belong to the thigh stretch. It is important to keep them trained because it is thanks to them that the body boasts a certain stability. There are many useful exercises to make them more robust, but remember that any 'load', both in the gym and at home, must always be established based on your abilities. The advice is always the same: never overdo it, in order to avoid painful injuries.

There are many hamstring exercises to do in the gym, where various machines are available: from lying leg curls, perfect for hamstrings, to standing leg curls, useful for defining the muscle, passing through the deadlift from the ground to the legs. strained with the barbell. The latter can also be replicated at home, perhaps without ad hoc weights but with makeshift 'substitutes' or with dumbbells. All you have to do is come down towards the weight by squatting and extending the hamstrings. Grab with your palms facing your body and fully extend your legs, thus lifting the weights off the ground. Such a circuit is a great workout for spinal erectors, hamstrings, hip adductors, and glutes.

Here is a video explaining the standing leg curl:

Femoral training: exercises for everyone

Another exercise to train the hamstrings, which can be done both in the gym and at home, involves the use of a load of your choice. This should be perfectly centered on the trapezoid, with the grip a little wider than the shoulders. The knees, on the other hand, are slightly bent, while the feet are shoulder-width apart. With your back contracted but natural, lean your torso forward so that it is parallel to the floor. Inhale as you descend and exhale as you go up.

Among the hamstring exercises in the gym, but also at home if you have the machines available, are: the elliptical, the stationary bike and running . The latter, it is worth pointing out, is one of the best workouts for strengthening this part of the body. Of course, you don't need a treadmill, you can safely run wherever you like.

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