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Fresh and light, linen dresses are the necessary and trendy must-have for summer 2022

Linen dress

The heat and magic of August deserve the delicacy of linen dresses, to be worn in the city and in summer destinations.

July with the good that I love you sang an old song, but in August despite the very hot temperatures that actually arrived with the official start of the summer we want even more good: in fact, in this month many will be able to treat themselves to a short weekend, a few days to the sea and the lucky ones a few weeks away from the routine and from the city, towards Italian, European and exotic destinations. In any case, wherever we go we always respond to the heat with a trendy and comfy touch and linen dresses by the way seem to us the best investment to make here and now.

Summer linen dresses: Zara, Mango, Oysho, fresh but also trendy models

When one thinks of linen dresses, the first thought immediately goes to oversized dresses, shirtdresses and caftan models, with a price that is perhaps not exactly low cost and with a more sophisticated style. But today linen has become a trendy fabric and in fact you can find clothes with a contemporary and latest trend design even in the collections of the great fast fashion brands.

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For example, Zara creates dresses in linen blend, from boho chic models with colorful flower child-style embroidery to cut-out models, which our wardrobe definitely cannot do without in this summer 2022. The electrifying shades of this year like blue, fuchsia and green color this precious fabric in the Mango collection. The models to invest in? The cut-out dress with ring in 100% green or light blue linen.

And for those who love elegant and light halter neck models, Oysho offers a lively solid color collection such as very pery, yellow and forest green, or striped , original and with a costal grandmother taste.

The benefits of this fresh and light summer fabric

They are not only comfortable and beautiful to look at but choosing linen clothes is also a gift and a breath of air for our body, because the benefits of this fabric are so many starting from the properties of its natural fibers that make linen breathable . . In this way the air circulates and keeps our body cool during hot-humid climates, a detail not to be underestimated for all our summer looks, from those to wear on vacation but also at work.

In addition, a linen garment absorbs moisture : being the particularly absorbent fabric it quickly removes sweat from the skin and we can say goodbye to that sweaty feeling that always accompanies us in summer. Therefore, the benefits compared to a cotton or silk garment are definitely significant, and that's why it's worth buying a few more models to refresh our summer!

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