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Hiatal hernia: the diet to follow to get better

chest pain

In the case of a hiatal hernia, the diet is an excellent tool. Here’s what you can eat and what to avoid.

When you suffer from a hiatal hernia, the diet is to be considered as one of the bases to be able to live well.
In fact, most of the painful symptoms occur after the intake of certain foods which, if avoided, help to alleviate the problem. Learning to get around the pains caused by the hiatal hernia with the foods to avoid is therefore the first thing to do when suffering from this delicate pathology.

Hiatal hernia: what not to eat

When suffering from a hiatal hernia, it is very important to avoid large meals and rest immediately after eating.

chest pain
chest pain

Then there are some foods that are considered harmful as they are more capable of causing gastric disorders .

Among those that should be avoided are obviously the spicy ones and which also include spices such as pepper and chilli . Then all fatty and fried foods follow.
Hot ones should only be consumed once they have cooled down as heat can worsen some injuries.

Acidic foods such as citrus fruits, alcoholic beverages and caffeine and theine-based drinks should also be avoided.
Finally, chocolate is also one of the foods that should be carefully avoided.

Hiatal hernia: what to eat

It is important to know that there are some foods that are more suitable than others and are to be considered suitable in the diet for hiatal hernia and reflux esophagitis.

Among these are cereals that fight stomach acid . And still apples, bananas and potatoes that play an important soothing action on the stomach walls.
Then follow the fish which as rich in Omega 3 is able to donate benefits to the body and the salt has beneficial effects on the hiatal hernia.

Learning to distinguish the foods to be fully included and those to be minimized and eliminated is a good way to take care of the hiatal hernia .
This must then be combined with a healthy lifestyle . That is, made up of moderate meals, proper physical activity and maintenance of a healthy weight, essential to be able to count on a better state of health.

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