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How to get back in shape and feel good about yourself

get back in shape

Need advice on losing weight after a hibernating bear period?

In this article you will find all our tips to follow to get back in top form!

Act on the food plan

When it comes to losing weight for health reasons or simply to like yourself more it is never good to generalize, but if there are no serious problems that need to be treated by a team of specialists, then it is quite sure that it is a good idea to start from this that you eat daily to achieve the desired physique.

In any case, the first step is to contact an expert , such as a dietician or a nutrition biologist, depending on our needs. They are figures who, although very different from each other, can deliver a food plan suitable for us to follow every day to learn how to eat well and reach our ideal physical shape , but also to be healthy and reduce the risks of developing cardiological diseases or other conditions such as diabetes.

If for some reason, economic or personal, you do not have the opportunity to contact a qualified and expert figure who can advise you on what to eat and in what quantities, then you can only partially act independently . For example, you will be free to (almost) eliminate junk food, anything that contains too much sugar or is very elaborate: sweets, fast food meals and the like are therefore to be consumed sparingly. As for the quantities, you will not be able to do much , as they must be evaluated by an expert based on your physical condition and health.

get back in shape

Become more active

Attention to what we eat is always necessary to combine constant physical activity that allows us to boost our metabolism , probably dormant for a long time, and to burn unnecessary calories and fat for our body.

The main rule to follow in this area is to listen to your body without taking it to the limit, going from 0 to 100 in too little time. To be clear, if you haven't done any sports for years and you need to lose weight it is recommended to avoid running for an hour a day, but you can very well start with long walks at a fast pace , perhaps in the company of a friend or of your favorite podcast to make that hour of movement go by in the blink of an eye.

If, on the other hand, you are already in good physical shape and you feel like starting a real sport, then avoid looking on the internet for the discipline that "burns more fat / calories", but choose what inspires and excites you , so you will be sure of being constant and carrying on the commitment.

Do not underestimate the daily water dose

Along with eating well and a little sport it is important not to forget to drink enough , especially if when we train we sweat a lot or choose rather demanding workouts.

In general, doctors argue that for an average adult it is necessary to take between 1.5L and 2.2L of still water per day to be properly hydrated and regularize intestinal functions , even if to replenish the fluids lost during physical activity definitely increase the quantity.

A general advice regarding this area is to drink in small doses , without overdoing it in the only moment of the day when we remember that "we must drink".

Help yourself with food supplements

If you follow all the advice given so far you will have no problems losing weight, but you can always count on food supplements to enhance the results of your efforts at the table and in the gym.

A great example is Reduslim , a supplement that, thanks to cayenne pepper, caffeine, Yacon root and other valuable ingredients , accelerates your metabolism and helps you reach ideal fitness faster.

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