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Hypertonic solution: what it is and what it is used for


A hypertonic solution is a solution that contains a greater quantity of dissolved particles than the solution it is confronted with.

A hypertonic solution is considered as such when its tonicity is greater than that of the fluids inside the body. On the market there are several hypertonic substances and among these the best known are those used to decongest the nasal passages .
Let's find out, therefore, how much there is to know about hypertonicity and its functioning and what are the components that are usually used for their realization .

Hypertonic solution: meaning

A hypertonic physiological solution is a saline solution with a very high concentration of the active ingredient.


The nasal one in particular must be applied directly to the levels of the nose through special inhalers. An alternative is the hypertonic aerosol solution which is usually used in cases of sinusitis, rhinitis and colds.

Going to the composition of each hypertonic saline solution, generally the most common components are sodium, iodine, chlorine and bromine. In some cases, however, it is possible that trace elements such as manganese, zinc and copper are also present. Among the best known are the thermal waters such as the water of Sirmione which is usually used as an anticongestant for the nose.

When to use these solutions

As already mentioned, especially if we refer to those for the nose, the hypertoin solutions are used in case of colds or nasal congestions. Among other possibilities there is also that of reducing allergies , eliminating mucus, deflating the nose. Before choosing which one to use, however, it is very important to ask your doctor for advice. In some, in fact, there may be different active ingredients such as calming herbal extracts (such as chamomile), hyaluronic acid or aloe.

Principles that in case of allergies to the components could worsen the situation by making breathing even more difficult. Always take them on the advice of the doctor and after reading all the components is therefore the right move to make. Finally, it is good to remember that although they are useful for treating various ailments, these solutions do not in any way replace any drugs that may be prescribed by the doctor and which must therefore be taken anyway.

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