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Is soy bad for you? Here’s what you need to know

soya beans

Find out if soy is bad or good based on the current knowledge about this food. Here’s what’s important to know.

Many people constantly wonder if soy is bad or good. After all, the topic is often controversial and has always been the subject of debates destined to end in nothingness. A problem that can be stemmed by trying to know the benefits and contraindications of this food . And all in order to understand if and how much it can be suitable (or contraindicated) for your person.

How good is it to eat soy? Here is what is known about the subject

Soy belongs to the legume family and like most of these it is therefore rich in proteins, good fats and some carbohydrates.

soya beans
soya beans

Rich in minerals, vitamins, amino acids and fibers, it is very often considered a healthy food, especially for its ability to counteract bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol . Thanks to its phytoestrogens it is also considered very useful for the psycho-physical health of women. At the same time, however, there are different schools of thought for the same reason, some of which indicate that eating soy is bad for you.

So what is the truth? Staying in a good middle ground, we can say that soy is good for the body if it is not exceeded and included in a varied and balanced diet.
At the same time it can be said that, in high doses, soy can be harmful both for those who have problems related to the presence of too much estrogen and for those suffering from hormonal dysfunctions .

Soy: benefits and contraindications

In the face of so much uncertainty on the part of the scientific community, understanding what the real effects of soy are can be difficult. However, there are some aspects to which one can pay attention in order to consume it in a conscious way.
First of all it is important to avoid the so-called GMO soy. In fact, it is said that in this case the soy is carcinogenic and the same can be said of the carcinogenic soy milk , avoidable by choosing the right one.

Going to the quantity, to be sure you should not consume more than 10 g of protein per day. Quantity that allows you to have a good portion and which corresponds to a soy-based dish or a generous cup of its milk.
By following these rules and always advising your doctor, based on your situation, you can be on the safe side and consume soy without risk.

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