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Is the use of the microwave bad? Everything you need to know


Many argue that the microwave is bad. Find out how much there is to know about it, whether it is true or not and what the dangers are to be aware of.

We hear more and more often that microwaves are bad for you. A school of thought that has been going on for a while and that tends to generate various doubts. So let’s find out how true there is and what is important to pay attention to when using it to heat or prepare certain dishes.

Risks of the microwave oven: what you need to know

The microwave and health topic has always been a source of heated debate. If on the one hand there are those who cannot do without it, on the other hand there are those who argue that it is a potentially harmful appliance for health and capable of degrading the vitamins of foods .


Among the many thoughts regarding the fact that cooking in the microwave is bad there is also the one related to the carcinogenic microwave and therefore potentially to be avoided. In this regard, the Airc argues that being a carcinogen is actually a false myth.

In fact, there does not seem to be any evidence that microwaves are capable of increasing cancer risks. The waves produced by the microwave are in fact neither ionizing nor high frequency. Which is why you can be quite calm about it.

That said, the harmful microwave problem is still a problem not to be underestimated. And this is because if used incorrectly it can still lead to risks that it is good to know.

Microwave: the dangers to know

Given that the microwave does not appear to be carcinogenic, the fact remains that inappropriate use could be potentially dangerous for other reasons.

In fact, if you cook food that has been badly stored or kept in the refrigerator for some time, you run the risk of getting infections. Unlike what happens for other types of cooking, foods cooked in the microwave tend to maintain any bacterial load. This is why, to be on the safe side, it is very important to cook only fresh foods or foods that you are more than sure of.

Foods that have therefore been stored for a short time and in the appropriate way. Rule that should be followed for each preparation and regardless of how you decide to heat or cook it.

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