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Maculopathy: how to recognize it and what are the possible treatments

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Maculopathy is an aging-related eye disease. Let's find out the causes, symptoms and possible treatments.

When we talk about maculopathy we mean the disease that leads to the progressive reduction of central vision. This in fact affects the macula which is located in the center of the eye . Often mistakenly called retinal maculopathy, this disease does not affect the retina but the tissues on which it rests. In any case, it is a disease that should never be underestimated and that it is important to recognize as soon as possible.

What is maculopathy and what forms exist

The first thing to know is that this disease is divided into two main forms which are the hereditary and the acquired form.

eye examination
eye examination

Different forms of dystrophies and macular edema depend on the first while the acquired form includes myopic maculopathy, idiopathic macular hole, cystoid macular edema and degenerative maculopathy which is also the most widespread and which is divided into two forms. which are dry and atrophic (slowly evolving) and exudative and humid (rarer and even more aggressive).

The causes are usually hereditary but the macula of the eye can also be damaged by smoking, obesity, excessive sun exposure and hypertension.
Going to the symptoms, the main ones are the lowering of vision , the vision of gray spots or lackluster colors and the vision of images that appear as distorted. Finally there is the loss of central vision. In the presence of one or more symptoms it is very important to consult an ophthalmologist immediately.

How to cure maculopathy

For maculopathy, the treatment obviously varies according to the cause and the triggering problem.
If in the case of the most serious one, the only thing that can be done is to establish a preventive approach based on a diet rich in vitamins and Omega 3 , for the other forms there are several possible treatments.

These range from pharmacological to photodynamic. Then there are laser therapy and surgery which, however, due to its complexity is practiced only in cases of extreme disease. Obviously, the type of treatment will be decided together with the attending physician who will evaluate the best options based on

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