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Nevus of Ota: all that is important to know about this lineup

neo of ota

Nevus of Ota is a benign skin lesion that occurs in the ocular area. Let's find out more.

We talk about nevus of Ota when we are faced with a congenital ocular melanoma. This benign formation, named after Masao Ota (dermatologist who discovered and described it for the first time), usually appears as a gray / blue stain and can occur between the forehead, temples, cheeks, eyelids and eye area, varying both in form and in size that can range from a few millimeters to several centimeters. Usually the ota nevus in the eye occurs only once. However, there are situations where, instead, it can appear from both sides.

Nevus of Ota: the diagnosis

As already mentioned, the nevus of Ota tends to present itself from birth although, in rare cases, it can appear during puberty. This is a formation that tends to be much more common in Japan where it is estimated that at least one in 200 people are affected.

neo of ota
neo of ota

Of a benign nature, it must be monitored over time because in very rare cases it can develop into a malignant tumor called uveal melanoma. Apart from this small exception, it is a mole which, although not very aesthetic to see, does not involve particular complications.

Its peculiarity is that it can initially appear as a simple dot in an eye, then growing over time and extending more and more in width. Generally, its development tends to stop after puberty anyway. And this even if, as already mentioned, it will always be checked over time.

Is there a cure for nevus of Ota? What is useful to know

When it comes to nevus of Ota, it is important to know that there is no real cure. However, it can be removed using the most modern laser techniques.

Obviously this is a treatment that will be studied together with the doctor and which in some cases can completely remove the nevus while in others it can reduce it. It all obviously depends on the size and other factors that only the doctor who specializes in this type of treatment can evaluate.

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