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No scheme, no label: the summer 2023 of the rediscovery according to Demna and Balenciaga

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More than trends and must-haves for next summer, the s / s collection by Balenciaga is an invitation to rediscover the beauty of individuality

At each show, the presentation of the seasonal collection by Balenciaga or better still by Demna Gvasalia , the creative director of the brand in the list of the 100 influential people in the world according to Time, is much more than a preview of the garments we will wear in the season that it will come. For Gvasalia, fashion is first of all a language and above all an extension of one's identity, as she stated without measures at the last Paris Fashion Week where the models paraded in a desolate mud scenario. If last year the snowstorm told by assonance the war in Ukraine that fell like a storm in the middle of the month of fashion weeks, now mud and desolation express a sense of bewilderment. A discourse that the designer also declines in the stylistic choices of the brand that becomes more and more his and that he consecrates once again in this spring / summer 2023 .

Balenciaga spring / summer 2023: the courage to trace one's identity

Judging from what was declared by the notes that accompanied the show, this will be the last time that Balenciaga will explain a collection, because fashion is born to be looked at and let everyone design their own personal style, emblem of their own identity.

“I hate boxes and I hate labels, and I hate being labeled and put in a box – writes the creative director of Balenciaga. – Society, the Internet and the world in general love to do it, because it feels safe. It takes courage and tenacity to truly assume your identity and who you really are.   Defending this unique identity makes every day a battlefield. And the more you try to be yourself, the more you get punched in the face. But how beautiful it is to be different from each other! " , we read in the note sheet of the show, opened by a Kanye West in total black black, in a military style that is confirmed to be the dominant trend of next summer as well as boots, low and high, which officially enter the parterre of summer shoes .

Beyond luxury: dressing according to your mood

In the Balenciaga fashion show there is everything, there are the 2000s that still find ample space next summer especially in cut-out details, wide pants, oversized fit, black hooded sweatshirts, a style that perhaps does not appear purely summer and where almost for fun, Demna enjoys playing on opposites by mixing different genres: street, couture, tailoring, hi-tech, Balenciaga likes a fluid style ready to follow not the trends – which ironically however launches – but rather a vision, a POV if you want steal an expression so fashionable now on social networks.

“Luxury, not luxury, street, couture, good, bad, buzz, viral, they are all the same thing, who cares – continues Demna. – Putting luxury in an elegant, exclusive and visually expensive box is a limited and rather old-fashioned way of doing it ” , reads the note again. A collection therefore that arises from a research point of view and invites us to dare but forgetting the rules and consistency in choosing the garments that will not be chosen except for taste and desire to play. Or provoke.

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