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Organic herbal teas and infusions Cupper Teas: nature and sustainability first

Relaxing herbal tea

Since 1984 Cupper Teas has been producing 100% natural and additive-free organic teas, herbal teas and infusions, focusing on sustainability and promoting the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants.

Tea is the most popular drink in the world after water. Always a symbol of a healthy lifestyle , all herbal teas and infusions represent a source of well-being that comes directly from nature, a precious resource capable of achieving a double goal: to please the palate and do good for health.

Having sustainability at heart is becoming an absolute priority in every production sector, a modus operandi that bases its roots on the three hundred and sixty degrees of respect for nature and the need to reduce the environmental impact . It is precisely on these values ​​that Cupper Teas , producer of tea, herbal teas, coffee and organic infusions, has laid its foundations that has been able to build a simple and pure company philosophy: to consider every single cup of tea as important, to be treated and enhanced to the fullest by offering natural ingredients. and unique flavors, supporting the planet and its inhabitants.

Relaxing herbal tea

The story of Cupper Teas

The beginnings of Cupper Teas date back to 1984. In Dorset , a county of south-west England, a married couple passionate about tea decided to share this “obsession” by focusing on entirely natural production and ethical sourcing .

The company’s journey has always been on the rise: starting small with just two packs of Assam tea sold at health food stores and local cafes, it now has more than 150 different products in over 50 countries around the world. Today’s production exceeds one billion tea bags per year, rigorously packaged in the Beaminster headquarters, focusing attention on details and respecting the initial guidelines.

Commitment to organic and Fairtrade

Natural, fair and delicious is the leitmotif of Cupper Teas, which produces a wide range of organic teas and infusions mainly free of caffeine and above all artificial additives. Each product, in fact, is certified BIO and comes from growers who do not use chemicals such as pesticides, in order both to respect the environment and to create drinks of excellent quality , without GMOs and containing only ingredients from non-GM sources. .

The same attention to sustainability is placed in the packaging and packaging activities : the sachets are not chemically bleached, for example, while the packages are totally plastic free and made using a completely biodegradable bio-plant material.

Cupper Teas is also the largest Fairtrade tea brand globally, supporting over 114,000 producers worldwide and guaranteeing fair and regular compensation, fostering the development of their businesses and removing them from poverty.

Tea, herbal teas and organic infusions: which one to choose?

The virtues of tea, herbal teas and infusions are known to many, however we often tend to confuse and consider equivalent these three drinks considered real ” natural medicines “.

If tea is made from only one type of plant and contains theine, herbal teas and infusions are free of this substance and are made using herbs, spices and fruit , creating infinite combinations of flavors. The former, however, can also contain the woody parts of the plants, while the latter are prepared only with the tender parts, therefore flowers and leaves.

The infusion time also changes, as does the temperature of the water. The common denominator of all Cupper Teas drinks, in any case, is the careful choice of raw materials as well as the right mix of herbs, designed to meet every need, mood or time of day.

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